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General Career Pathways Programming

CORD and the National Career Pathways Network have developed books, resource publications, and newsletters to foster leadership in career pathways and disseminate promising practices to serving a diverse population of learners. and


FAMM (Families Against Mandatory Sentences). FAMM is the most effective sentencing reform advocacy group in the United States. Since 1991, FAMM has worked to eliminate mandatory sentencing laws and promote sentencing policies rooted in the fundamental American values of individualized justice, fairness, proportionality, and respect for liberty and due process. By sharing stories of families and prisoners, we highlight the human costs of mandatory sentencing laws, and advocate for more efficient and effective protection of public safety.

Career Exploration

O-Net On-Line: Welcome to your free tool for career exploration and job analysis! Start the career you've dreamed about, or find one you never imagined.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics has the most comprehensive data on all occupations, their wage ranges, areas of the country with hiring needs, educational requirements and full descriptions of the occupations,

Reentry Programming Support

A Key to Recidivism Reduction: In-Prison Career Development
Peter Moote authored this article for the NCPN Connections newsletter, Vol.24, No. 4

Other Resources

Addressing Recidivism A Formula from an Insider
Peter Moote, NCPN/October, 2015

Supporting Second Chances Education and Employment Strategies for People Returning from Correctional Faclities
Jobs for the Future, July 2015

Successful Transitions for Re-Entry Students Using Career Pathways, WSCS, Cognitive Behavioral Change and More
CASAS National Summer Institute 2012

Oklahoma Justice Reform Task Force Final Report
February 2017

Checklist for Connecting Reentry Education Programs to Career Pathways
Reentry Education Toolkit


Mass Incarceration To Mass Education