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Welcome to the Current News section of the website. As you can tell, we are in the initial phases of populating each section of the website. Over the next few months, as you revisit the website, you will find new information and functions.

The impetus for the Reentry Career Pathways Institute (Reentry CP Institute) began a few years ago as The Center for Occupational Research and Development (CORD) partnered with Mr. Peter Moote to add resources to CORD’s Adult Career Pathways support systems relating to persons returning from incarceration. Mr. Moote’s basic operating premise is that recidivism could be substantially reduced if each community across the nation was prepared to reach inside the prisons and jails that house persons who will return to their community and begin the serious task of opening the pipeline to education and employers and thereby provide family sustaining jobs. In return, the community can benefit from reduced crime, lower adjudication costs, and effective utilization of social services.

The past few years, CORD has given Mr. Moote a platform at its annual National Career Pathways Network (NCPN) conference and we have found an audience of adult educators eager for opportunities to share their promising practices and to raise the level of the conversation to action. This website and use of CORD and NCPN resources furthers our commitment to you, the corrections professionals.

Reentry Programming will be a program strand at NCPN conference

The 2018 National Career Pathways Network Conference, taking place October 10-12, 2018 in Louisville, KY, will feature a program strand for those who work in and around correctional education and reentry services. Opportunities to propose forum sessions and register for the conference will be available soon at the website.

Reentry programming will also be the subject of a one half day pre-conference on Wednesday October 10 with more information to be posted very soon.

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