Reducing Recidivism with Career Development-

Corrections & Governmental Agencies

Along with Law Enforcement, Courts, State and Federal Departments of Correction, and Parole Services, there are many other governmental agencies that are either charged with assisting the reintegration of parolees or that have services that can strengthen the safety net for both the parolee and her/his family members. Best and promising practices are posted here.


Family members of a parolee are oftentimes both dependent upon the parolee to support the family while serving as her/his support system. The strain can be tremendous. Best and promising practices are posted here.


Educators and educational institutions in a community may serve as preparation for those seeking careers in the corrections field and as a provider of educational programs and services to those incarcerated or on parole. These programs and services may be provided on educational institution’s campus or within the correctional setting. Best and promising practices are posted here.


Employment and opportunities for family sustaining wages and careers are essential for a parolee to avoid being a recidivist. Corrections professionals and educators can work in partnership to reduce recidivism and benefit both the employer and the parolee. Best and promising practices are posted here.

Community-based Organization

Throughout communities are many non-profit organizations that either directly serve or could serve to assist parolees. Best and promising practices are posted here.

Sponsors Reduce Recidivism

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